Make a Turn Right… Here.

I am moving my photography blog from WordPress to my photography business website.

Here is my latest photo blog:

So you can still read and  subscribe to my photographs, gear reviews, and opinions about various photo subjects there.

I am making a turn on WordPress. Subject matter of my posts at Cap’n Bill will be things one is not supposed to discuss in polite social media; that is, religion, politics, and culture.


I am imminently qualified to express an opinion. I have had one since the moment I was born and the un-Woke obstetrician slapped my butt.

I also understand I will draw fire and people will disagree with me vehemently and perhaps even worse.

Okay. That comes with the territory.

Mostly, my opinions expressed will be about the Bible and Christian life. I am qualified to speak on such things.

I was personally mentored and trained by some great scholars, people with deep experience and knowledge, who were in ministry for many decades. I was also briefly in professional ministry myself.

I believe in the God of the Bible. I believe that Jesus is his son and was present at Creation as part of the God-head. I am in fellowship with a church body, and with other Christians who will hold me accountable for everything I write.

Photography is a passion of mine, as is music, but neither of them come near to the passion for the Lord who I and a billion other people hold dear.

So I may offend people even bringing up Jesus. He predicted as much. But I expect as much or more criticism from other Christians.

That is also fair. I often agree with and even quote Bill Mahr, and other people who have no use for Christians. Mark Twain is one of my favorite authors. He was well known for skewering Presbyterians every chance he got.

Frankly, if Christians are Jesus “ambassadors” in the world we need to be poked and skewered, and we need to listen to truth even if we are shocked and offended at first. Get over it.

So I hope this will be fun and worthwhile for the reader as well as for me as I write. Lord knows, I don’t have that long on the earth on my best days. I may as well have some fun with what I believe is the most important question we face: What the heck am I doing here?

~ by Bill on March 22, 2022.

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