Back in the USSR

The Beatles were prophets:

Considering current events, music naturally comes to mind. How did John and Paul know?

Anyway. One of my silly song poems. You need to be familiar with My Fair Lady too. Feel free to dance joyously!

From my new musical, “My Fair Crazy”:

The reign of pain falls mainly on Ukraine
(By Joe he’s got it. Putin’s got it.)
The reign of pain falls mainly in Ukraine
(What of Europe? He’ll make syrup!)

Oh would you please explain.
Yes, Ukraine.
It’s simple as the rain.
Yes Ukraine!

Ol’ Vlad he drives the train to take Ukraine.
(Is he mean?
You mean Crimean.)
No. He merely digs the Black Sea terrain.
(Oh, Ukraine. Yes, Ukraine!)

(Orchestra interlude)

Well soon he’ll cross “inviolable” soil
(Says Speaker Nancy, who dresses fancy)
And suck up all that luscious greasy oil
(Oh how handy. Vlad’s such a dandy.)

I offer one more verse.
(You do say. Oh what a curse.)
I swear I’ll make it terse.
( Please not more. What could be worse?)

Invasion is persuasion gone astray.
(So give a shout. What’s this about?)
That Ruskies and their huskies can 
Black Sea vaaa-caaay! Ole!

Thank you. Thank you vera mush.
(c)2022 Cap’n Bill

At least my commentary may be unique, certainly not the inspiring original music nor the news. You cannot make this stuff up. Maybe it really is only about those Ukraine girls.

What? No photos? Nope. Sometimes you need ideas and words.


~ by Bill on January 26, 2022.

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