I Look At It This Way

No photograph presents reality.  It is an object to itself.  At the very best it conveys an idea.  Cropping, angle of view, and the moment selected say more about the photographer than the subject. 

To the right of this view, out of camera view, a couple sat on a bench.  Their point of view was better than mine, but I couldn’t very well move them out of the way or step in front of them, or creep up from behind, camera on tripod, and fire away. How rude! 

So trying not to interrupt their enjoyment, I stationed myself about 50 feet away. This image is from the view I had from the vantage point selected, because my morality prevented me from taking away the couple’s enjoyment for my visual pleasure.

If it weren’t for morality there’d be no controlling me.

I saw the color presented and already visualized something oh so far greater than what God had provided. (I’m being facetious. Okay?) I knew that to communicate the Idea of Autumn, I would have to work in my digital darkroom, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

The first rendition is out of the camera JPEG.  The second is the RAW original with minor edits.  The third is smokin’ jazzy color.

If you had to pick one that conveys your idea of autumn color which would it be?

Maybe there is something in our spirits that whispers, “I want more.” And if that idea is present at all, then somewhere the reality exists.

Pardon my metaphysical meandering. I over think things.

The phrase, “It looks just like a painting”, may actually be closer to our idea of reality than reality itself. Our imagination is more powerful than the photograph for sure.

Out of Camera JPEG
RAW + Edits
The Colors of My Mind


~ by Bill on November 12, 2021.

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