Ducks and Tree Scarves

I went for a walk.

I have a wedding to photograph coming up soon. This is the first one since restarting my photography business. So I have been retesting equipment.

When I photograph a wedding I carry backups for the backups. For the one coming up, I will have 3 Nikon cameras, four lenses, 3 flash units. I checked out the Nikon stuff yesterday, especially my old reliable SB-800 and the much less expensive but equally impressive Yongnuo YN685.

I used to shoot with the Vivitar 283. I miss them. They were simple, light, consistent and reliable. Seems in many reviews, the Yongnuo 685 has replaced them. My opinion of them so far is they are good to excellent. I have trouble with their menu screen and selections. They are not intuitive in my opinon, but they are very inexpensive and they work on manual settings with an umbrella very well for casual portraits. Disclaimer so you won’t consider me some gear curmudgeon: I am still learning about the flash.

My backup backup that I will take, and the one for the party shots will be a Sony A6000 with the 16-50 f3.5, kit lens, and the 19mm f2.8 Sigma DN “Art” lens. The Art lens is Sigma’s best glass. Sigma competes with Canon L and other quality lenses, but for a whole lot less money, especially if you buy used from the good folks at KEH Camera Brokers right here in my hometown. I have not been paid by KEH for the plug (maybe they will). It’s that I have been dealing with them since they opened their first location on Spring Street, in Atlanta 40 something years ago. I have never had a problem with them. I understand business is business, things happen, and your opinion may be different.

There are much better, more complete reviews on All I am showing here are some images I got in testing/retesting equipment. I will say the camera is a joy to use. Eventually, I will tire of even the weight of the Nikon. Travel light and fast. The Sony A6000 (and others in their line) might be a good switch.

I love my town, Smyrna, Georgia. It is known as one of the top 50 cities in the country, according to Money Magazine. It is a suburb of Atlanta, provides excellent services for the taxes they collect from us, it has good schools, and it is “incoveniently” located close to top destinations in metro Atlanta. It is home of the Smyrna Braves, also known as the Atlanta Braves too. Traffic is horrific in Atlanta. We’re full now, so don’t move here until someone dies or otherwise moves out.

I tested equipment in the park around the Smyrna Community Center. I saw these scarves on the trees… I am not sure why you put scarves on trees, but the sign says it was a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of trees. Cool. I love trees. Here we have a Firey Skipper butterfly, a grand duck with flaming red face, the tree scarves, and an old piano that they keep on the front porch of the community center for folks to play. There is another one inside a gazebo around the corner as well. Tell me, where else can you find a town with even one piano available for folks to bang on. We have two! Love this place.


~ by Bill on August 21, 2019.

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