I Went for a Walk – Rome, GA

We were in Rome, Georgia for a wedding last weekend. Along with snapshots of the wedding and family, there was plenty of spare time to walk around the downtown area of Rome around the hotel, on Sunday morning.

I stayed close to the river. The confluence of the Oostanaula and Coosa rivers form the Etowah in Rome. Rome was named for Rome, Italy because Georgia’s Rome is also surrounded by seven hills. The Tiber River of course runs near Rome, Italy, the Etowah through Rome, Georgia.

Rome, Italy was founded in 753 BC, and Rome, Georgia in 1834. No fratricide was involved in the founding of Rome. Georgia. However it was built on top of a Cherokee village. This, of course, occurred as the Native American tribes were dispersed to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears.

There aren’t any majestic ruins in Rome, Georgia, but they have an interesting stone structure visible as you drive into town. It resembles the Roman aqueducts.

In my earlier post, I told about the birds gathering at the river in the early morning for breakfast. Hundreds of birds. They come back for lunch too. I was more observant during my subsequent bridge crossings, and I managed to dodge the bird bombs.

By the way, the very same day I was successfully targeted, we ate lunch outside at the Harvest Moon Restaurant, and my youngest daughter got tagged by a bird as well. It is nice to feel special.

When I was hit she told me it was good luck. She changed her opinion a bit when it was her turn. We should have bought lottery tickets.

I digress. This is not supposed to be about avian scatology.

Here are some snapshots I took around the river and bridges. Enjoy.

~ by Bill on July 1, 2019.

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