I Went for a Walk

Sweetwater Creek State Park is located on the west side of Atlanta. I frequently go walking there, but I had not been to the north side of the creek and the new bridge. It’s about a mile or so from the renovated visitor center, and a fairly easy walk down, a little more strenuous on the return.

The project started in 2005. There’s still work going on.

The water always flows in the creek. Heavy rains will send it roaring down the shoals and cascades.

They built a new bridge that connects the east and west banks. The creek is unusual because it flows due east for a long stretch, so maybe this is the north bank to south bank. I need a compass next time, and my apologies for the inaccuracy.

The old bridge had fallen years ago and it took several years for the Department of Natural Resources to get funding, and complete the project. The new bridge is nicely done.

Sweetwater Creek renovation has gotten awards. The new visitor center has a nice museum showing a model of the factory, Civil War weapons and uniforms, and samples of the textiles manufactured there before Union soldiers from Sherman’s army razed the factory and town and exiled the citizens of New Manchester to Northern internment camps. “War is hell,” as the general used to say. Bless his heart.

https://www.ajc.com/lifestyles/restoration-work-preserves-civil-war-era-mill-ruins-state-park/hynmtk0veTZnafuj7MmNxO/ .

My dad said he played in the creek and the on the old bridge when he was a kid.

I did not take it down to the factory, but I bet the view is nice. Next time.

~ by Bill on June 18, 2019.

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