Let’s Start Over

I started this Blog ten years ago and I went nowhere with it, and obviously it went nowhere.  So now that I have entered the phase of life where I have some time to devote to writing, maybe I can get it going for real.

Writing.  When I entered Georgia Tech in the fall of 1967, I did not realize how much I live in the left brain and how naturally non-technical I was then.  I made A’s in high school, near perfect record, so there was no warning.  I also did well at the finest engineering and science school in the world.  But you know what kept me from flunking out the first quarter?  Writing.  English. Composition. Every engineer’s bane, but my blessing.  I loved The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.  A’s across all the writing and composition courses, while my chemistry, calculus, engineering graphics were all suffering.  That should have been a clue, but I was an 18 year old dweeb, dumb as a stump, and I had visions of being an astronaut.

So now I write.  I am compelled to write.  I hardly care if I have an audience.  If only a couple people read this and enjoy it, then great.

You have been invited into this space to enjoy conversation. I hope It will be like word association, or maybe more like a game of Scrabble. A word or thought may lead to another. I may hit on any topic.

Some opinions I earned through experience and expertise.  Those include a long career in technology, and even longer time in music and photography.  I have learned a lot in my spiritual growth as well. Frankly, my convictions seem bigoted to many. I don’t apologize for Jesus. He apologizes for me, his fumbling, bumbling brother. About other things, I just have some obtuse, unrefined opinion.  The story I write may not have a “point.”  Things may not end well, or even cleanly.

I’ll try not to be a kook.  I am arrogant, mis-informed, and opinionated. but I genuinely like people.

The biggest risk of all is “What if no one reads it?” Oh well, that’s the breaks.

So, let me start over.

~ by Bill on August 5, 2008.

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